Installation and Storage

Bespoke Exhibition Displays

Dedicated stand installation and storage services

At Clip, we recognise that planning your exhibition provides you with enough work and organisation, without having to worry about installation and storage logistics. To help ease the burden of organising your event, we have a dedicated Site Services team who specialise in the installation and storage of our exhibition stands, meaning that you can spend more time focusing on your exhibiting objectives, and less time on logistical organisation.

Our Bristol based installation team comprises of a focused, highly trained team of industry professionals. When not working full time at our dedicated storage facilities, their time is spent in exhibition halls around Europe and the rest of the world.

Worldwide Display Services

Building exhibition stands across the world

Across the course of a year, our Site Services team have the capacity to build hundreds of exhibition stands, with our work regularly spanning across multiple continents. The majority of our team have well over a decade of stand installation experience, and have built healthy relationships with our regular clients. We ensure that as a team, we work with the same clients each time for continuity so that our Site Services team know exactly what our clients want.

Whilst we supply our new Refresh system designed for self assembly, our Site Services team are designed to help install more substantial stands, and are available to alleviate the time pressures involved in organising your event. Our comprehensive support services also include graphic design, stand design, and logistics, as well as installation and storage, meaning we can cater for all of your exhibition needs.

“I’ve been to some of the most gorgeous and exciting cities in the world; unfortunately, the inside of an exhibition hall looks the same whichever city you’re in!”