Event Evaluation

Knowing your return on investment

When it comes to carrying out a successful show or exhibition, the work doesn’t stop at the end of the event. To get the most out of your exhibiting investments, Clip can help you to evaluate your show and maximise your returns, improving the prospects of future events you may wish to participate in.

Manage your leads and get feedback

Incredibly, statistics show that up to 70% of exhibition leads are not followed up after an event. What many don’t realise is that the exhibition is just the first step in generating a series of interactions with clients that will hopefully result in business, often a long way down the line – the work and planning doesn’t stop when the exhibition ends.

Manage Leads and get Feedback

It’s also important to categorise your sales leads, depending on the speed of response that is required. There is no point in having a stack of leads to work through if the vital one happens to be sitting at the bottom.

Finally, it’s crucial that you make notes of the details discussed with every stand visitor so when you follow up your leads, they feel valued and that you have a genuine interest in pursuing a mutually beneficial relationship.

What worked? What didn’t?

Once the event has finished, and you’ve taken the relevant follow-up actions, it’s time to refer back to the objectives and KPIs we helped set in your planning stage. Find out what worked, and, more importantly what didn’t, and make sure that the event was worthwhile for your business.

“Having a great looking stand is always nice but unless it’s been “manned” effectively and the follow-up has been on the button, it can all be for nothing. We help our clients make sure they get value from every aspect of their stand.”