Design team

Our in-house design and creative department are the ones responsible for bringing your ideas and objectives to life. They work closely with our account management team to understand your specific event objectives, from practical stand needs to the all-important budget.

Whilst they’re a modest bunch, our designs regularly win ‘best stand at show’ awards that give the team huge satisfaction and pride, not to mention keeping our clients happy. We even managed to win Best Stand at Show for a 2m x 2m stand space, the smallest at the entire event. Now that was a really satisfying week!

Design team

Some clients have a very clear idea of their stand requirements and just need our team to turn their ideas and vision into a workable stand solution that fits their budget. We’re not too proud or precious to carry out this type of work and can do so for stands of all sizes. Other clients have a much more of a blank sheet of paper. These projects really get the best out of our vastly experienced design team. It’s all about understanding the clients’ product or service; what’s their USP? But it’s also about really understanding the clients’ brand. What’s their company voice? It’s vital to know this so we can ensure that every aspect of the stand falls in line with the brand values and message. Not just the stand and the graphic design, but the furniture, refreshments and even stand staff dress code needs to speak the same message. Getting to know these clients and becoming an extension of their own marketing team is what our designers really live for.

“No two exhibition stands are ever the same and that’s what makes every day and every project so challenging but also rewarding.”