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A team of experienced exhibition consultants

The Clip team of stand consultants can boast of extensive industry experience. They are dedicated to maximising your investment in exhibitions, and to give you and your business the best and most effective exhibition stand, they ensure that they gain a real understanding of your company. Through extensive research, investigation, and spending time with your business, our consultants are able to attain insight into your company’s values, its goals, and the best approach to showcasing your message to potential customers.

Most importantly, our exhibition stand consultants understand that the most important people at an exhibition aren’t our clients, but our clients’ clients. Our team is so successful because they are just as passionate about your business as they are Clip’s, developing a detailed knowledge of what you want from your exhibition, and implementing a plan in order to achieve your objectives.

Understanding your exhibition objectives

As part of our comprehensive consultation process, we help you devise exhibition objectives and KPIs, making your campaign as accessible as possible to potential customers. As part of this process, we explore your motives for attending the event to generate key messages, and also conduct extensive research into the demographic of the show visitor to create a plan of how best to speak directly to your ideal audience.

For our established customers, we’re also able to analyse trends of previous shows to capitalise on potential future opportunities, as we monitor a variety of factors during the show to measure performance and help advise you for future exhibitions.

Our consultation services don’t end when the exhibition has finished – we also offer post-show evaluation, during which we can look back at the successes and limitations of your exhibition through measured KPIs and discussion with your business.

“Working so closely with clients on their exhibition schedule means I sometimes feel more part of their team than being from Clip, but it’s great to get so close to so many different companies.”

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