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Manage and target your leads with sophisticated Clip applications

To maximise your exhibition investments, and help you determine your target audience before your event starts, we can provide you with innovative free apps to help you target and generate leads for your business.

Online Lead Calculator

Lead Target Calculator

Using our free Lead Target Calculator application, you’re able to determine whether or not your exhibition was a good investment for your business.

Clip can help you to identify the most useful metrics for your business to monitor, all the while focusing on generating sales as a key objective. To use the application, simply input your event expenditure, and calculate approximately how many leads you need to generate per hour of the show to make it profitable and successful investment.

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Lead Capture App

Lead Capture App

Clip’s free to use Lead Capture app lets you instantly capture leads on your smartphone, iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry.

Rather than relying on scanning sparse delegate badges, or dealing with the hassle of completing paper forms, our application puts your team in control, and makes capturing the details of your stand visitors easy and enjoyable. With the Clip Lead Capture app, you’re able to make quick, concise records of your leads with all the information you’ll need to follow them up after your event, including a review function which allows you to assess the quality of each captured lead.

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Exhibition Timeline icon

Event planner timeline

Planning your exhibition can take a considerable amount of pre-event organisation, requiring time to ensure that your stand is effective that you are able to achieve your exhibition goals. To help give you an idea of the timescales involved in the planning process, we’ve devised a detailed event planner timeline. Whilst no two exhibitions and exhibitors are the same, our timeline is designed to give you an overview for the processes and timescales need for events when using Space Only stands up to 40sqm in size.

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Planning your stand icon

Planning your stand

A good exhibition stand should instantly convey a positive message about you to your customers, appealing directly to the potential clients you want to attract. Because your exhibition stand is often the first point of interaction between you and potential customers, it is vital that your display is able to make that first positive visual impression.

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Venue search icon

Exhibition venue search

Clip is also able to provide you with information about the key exhibition venues across the UK, including visitor, contact and accommodation information to ensure that you’re completely prepared for your exhibition.

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“Where a plasma screen on a stand was a big thing 12 years ago, now it’s all about interactive technology, augmented reality and engaging with exhibition visitors. There are so many really exciting and amazingly clever options available.”