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Clip’s range of outdoor signage has been designed to provide you with a wide variety of products suitable for virtually any occasion and display environment. All Clip outdoor signage is made from high quality, durable materials which have been engineered to withstand adverse weather conditions such as high volumes of rain and strong winds – unlike other outdoor banner stand products, our outdoor signage has been specifically designed for use in outdoor promotions, so you can be sure that they’ll hold up to even the harshest of conditions.

Our outdoor display stands are also collapsible and easy to transport, offering great value for money in a highly portable and versatile package for use all year round.

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A wide range of outdoor display banners

The Clip range of outdoor signage is diverse, including:

  • Pavement Stands: Clip can offer both deluxe, heavy duty freestanding pavement signs with A1 poster size, and A-frame pavement signs ideal for placing outside shops and restaurants. Both are double sided to maximise your customer visual catchment area.
  • Flag Banner Stands: With telescopic poles which extend to over 5m high, Clip flag banner stands are high impact, and are excellent for use at sporting events and forecourts. The stand is modular, meaning that it is easy to transport.
  • Outdoor Banner Display Stands: With the choice of either single or double sided display stands, we offer both budget and premium display stand solutions, using cutting edge technology to offer interchangeable graphics and total stability in adverse weather.
  • Tempest Banner Display Stands: With a low profile A-frame design Clip tempest banner stands are perfect for setting up alongside sports events to promote sponsors and brands. Made of lightweight aluminium, it is also very easy to transport and is double sided for maximum exposure.

For further information about our outdoor signage, don’t hesitate to contact us, or visit our online shop.

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