Our Team

The Clip UK team is currently made up of 47 full time employees, although that number has been growing over the last few years. The average length of time that our current team have been at Clip is over 12 years. Not only does that mean we offer unrivalled experience and knowledge of our industry but we also feel that it says something about the environment we have here. We’re people people and our clients really like that about us. That’s why we have such a fantastic client retention record of 97.9% – a figure we’re very proud of.

So, let’s meet the Clip UK team:

Exhibition Team


If you’re attending an exhibition and want someone to take away all the headaches and hassle, then this is the team for you. We manage all aspects of your exhibition stand project so you don’t have to. Stand consultation, design, project management, liaising with the organiser, managing your show collateral and if your brief includes it, then we’ll even include the kitchen sink!

Design / Creative

The team that turn your ideas and visions into reality. Research shows that you have 3 seconds to make an impact with your marketing message. In that time, a potential client will judge who you are, what you do and whether or not they wish to engage with you. It goes without saying that this makes it absolutely vital that your stand layout and message is right on the money. Our team live and breathe design. It’s what they do and it’s why they design so many great stands.

Design/Creative Team
Project Management Team

Project Management

The visions and colour visuals look great but they need to work, be delivered on time and on budget. Our project management team ensure that all of this happens smoothly. Sometimes they do a great impression of a gliding swan, but you don’t need to worry yourselves about what’s going on under the water!


The team that make it. Whatever size, whatever shape, whenever it’s needed, these are the guys and girls who make it. Clip is renowned in the industry for being the very highest of quality and it’s down to the attention to detail of this team.

Operations Team
Print Room Team

Print Room

5 state of the art printers enable us to cover almost any requirement you can have. Our flatbed printer enables us to print onto any material. Photo quality print is a must in the exhibition industry, so that quality goes without saying. Our printers also have the strongest of environmental credentials, including nickel free inks, free from hazardous air pollutants (HAPS), being green guard certified for use in schools and restaurants.

Stand build

If you’ve ever been on site during the build-up of an exhibition, you know what it looks like. These guys have seen it all and they deliver every time, on time.

Stand Build Team
Print Room Team


Whatever your portable display requirement, our team are here to help you maximise your budget, hit your deadline and achieve your goals. Due to the fast paced nature of the display world, we’re used to getting things done to tight timescales but always at the very highest quality.

Sales and Marketing

Our client facing team who ensure that we fully understand the full client requirements and that we not only meet but exceed client expectation.

Sales and Marketing Team
Print Room Team


The team in charge of the money, working with suppliers and clients to ensure the financial side of our projects run smoothly.